How to safely solicit the services of a surrogate mother as an intended parent.

How to safely engage the services of a surrogate mother
 When soliciting the service of a surrogate mother.You will  have concerns about your privacy and if your information is  safe.

Today i will be telling you how to 'be safe' when using the services of a surrogate mother,

(1) Having a non-disclosure agreement signed by the surrogate mother )and other parties if there are any) .This will help safegurad your information and will compell the surrogate mother or other parties in your surrogacy agreement not to  share your information with the public

(3) Never use your real phone number. Before embarking on that surrogacy program.Buy a new phone number.Only use the number to communicate with all parties concerning your surrogacy program.

(3) Always use a reliable and trusted surrogacy agent.There are lots of surrogacy agencies and the number keeps growing..A good and reliable surrogacy agency in Nigeria is Surrogate Motherhood Advisory Services and will assist you with getting a surrogate mother.

(4) Ensure all payment made to your surrogate mother is paid  through  your agent and an aknowlegment note confirming receipt of your payment is duly signed by your agent and surrogate mother.This is very important to serve as evidence encase of any dispute in the future

(5)  Ensure that payment for the accomodation of the surrogate  mother is utilized.Make sure you personally confirm the  residential address where the surrogate mother will be

(6) Always be in communication with your IVF clinic at all times to know 'progress' and also if your surrogate mother is keeping up with her appointments with the clinic.

(7) Fertility drugs are very expensive.Never send money to your surrogate mothers to buy drugs for herself under whatsoever means.Always buy the drugs yourself.You can drop it at the clinic for the surrogate mother to later pick them up.Most times,to save money.A surrogate mother might not buy the required dosage of drugs as prescribed just to make some  extra cash.

(8) Ensure that there is an immediate separation between  mother and child after the birth of your baby.Your surrogate  mother must not be allowed to see your baby.So it is better to  use a clinic  that is aware that surrogate.

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