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The difference in IVF and IUI

 If you are new to surrogacy you must have read or heard the words IVF ( in vitro fertilization)and IUI(Intrauterine insemination).Here,we will explain the difference between them.In the process of IUI the sperm is  injected directly into the woman uterus meaning that ferilization occurs internally while in IVF fertilization takes place externally, or outside of the uterus, in a lab.For more information on our surrogacy programmes to start a family call/whatsapp +2347067866986

A list of terms used during IVF/Surrogacy cyle and their meaning

 Being new to IVF or surrogacy can be confusing when using certain vocabularies.Today,we will teach you common words used in surrogacy/UVF and their meaning. 1) Surrogate mother/Surro/Carrier : This is a woman who assists a couple unable conceive a child of their own help them to build a family.There are two kinds of surrogate mothers a)Gestational surrogate mother: This person helps the couple carry their child and is in no way genetically related to the child as the sperm and egg used for the IVF procedure are sourced externally b) Traditional surrogate: This person usually refereed to as a surrogate mother is artificially inseminated using her egg and will be genetically related to the baby 2) Intended parents/Commissioning parents : These are the person who will become legal parents of the child after birth.The intended parents might not be genetically related to the child if the egg and sperm are sourced from other parties. 3)Surrogacy contract/Surrogacy agreement: This is an agre