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The best way to select an egg donor

  In Nigeria a lot of families who opt for third party reproduction  may be in need of egg donors. Egg donors are usually sourced in Nigeria  from fertility clinics or egg donor  agencies.  Egg donors most times are anonymous and not a third  party to a surrogacy contract though some commissioning  parents  like to have some background information  and also see pictures of their egg donors .  Recently a couple based in Port Harcourt did their  child dedication,but what kept their guests wondering  was why the baby is dark skinned and yet  the parents are light skinned.I could see the embarrassment on their  faces.  Digging further, i found out that the child was  conceived through IVF via a surrogate mother and an egg donor.The couple have specifically requested for a light skinned egg donor for their IVF program which was provided by the fertility clinic. The point here is  skin complexion is hereditary.So it is best to see pictures of parents of the egg donor (if possible) to know if