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6 tips for intended parents traveling first time to Nigeria for Surrogacy.Ivf

You are ready and all set to embark on your medical tourism (Surrogacy/Ivf) in Nigeria.You have concluded with the clinic in Nigeria carrying out the IVF and also finalized plans with your surrogacy agency in Nigeria. At this point what remains is to pack your bag and essentials and board a plane going to Nigeria.Depending on which country you are,below are 6 tips which will guide you when coming to Nigeria for Surrogacy/Ivf 1) Duration of stay : You will need to calculate how long you will be staying in Nigeria starting from your arrival,undergoing medical evaluation at the clinic,sperm or egg donation,embryo transfer till confirmation of pregnancy which may be up to  8 weeks,if everything goes as planned.I will advise you budget an extra2 weeks Please note that this duration is for one cycle 2_ Accommodation: You will need to know which type of accommodation is more suitable for you.If you are more than 2 persons traveling or  wish to have a kitchen where you can buy your grocery and

How to ship your egg/sperm to Nigeria for IVF

  There are occasions when an intended parent want to begin IVF treatment overseas but unable to travel due to inability to obtain leave from work,obtain a visa early enough,COVID 19 restrictions or or any other reason.  Most times,this may cause delay in starting your IVF treatment overseas.As you may need to be present there in order to undergo medical evaluation and also to donate your sperm/egg samples ior your ivf treatment.  You may also want to meet with your surrogacy agency in order to finalize your contract with them. All these may cause delay and at worst scenario force the intended parent to cancel their plan for IVF/SURROGACY abroad.  However,there is a solution to this predicament.Depending on which country you reside in,there are chances that you might be able to send your sperm/egg samples to your destination  country where you intend doing your IVF/SURROGACY programme. There are fertility clinics,sperm banks and cryo labs in your country of residence that can help send

How to safely solicit the services of a surrogate mother as an intended parent.

 When soliciting the service of a surrogate mother.You will  have concerns about your privacy and if your information is  safe. Today i will be telling you how to 'be safe' when using the services of a surrogate mother, (1) Having a non-disclosure agreement signed by the surrogate mother )and other parties if there are any) .This will help safegurad your information and will compell the surrogate mother or other parties in your surrogacy agreement not to  share your information with the public (3) Never use your real phone number. Before embarking on that surrogacy program.Buy a new phone number.Only use the number to communicate with all parties concerning your surrogacy program. (3) Always use a reliable and trusted surrogacy agent.There are lots of surrogacy agencies and the number keeps growing..A good and reliable surrogacy agency in Nigeria is Surrogate Motherhood Advisory Services and will assist you with getting a surrogate mother. (4) Ensure all payment made to your su