6 tips for intended parents traveling first time to Nigeria for Surrogacy.Ivf

Lagos international airport
You are ready and all set to embark on your medical tourism (Surrogacy/Ivf) in Nigeria.You have concluded with the clinic in Nigeria carrying out the IVF and also finalized plans with your surrogacy agency in Nigeria.

At this point what remains is to pack your bag and essentials and board a plane going to Nigeria.Depending on which country you are,below are 6 tips which will guide you when coming to Nigeria for Surrogacy/Ivf

1) Duration of stay : You will need to calculate how long you will be staying in Nigeria starting from your arrival,undergoing medical evaluation at the clinic,sperm or egg donation,embryo transfer till confirmation of pregnancy which may be up to  8 weeks,if everything goes as planned.I will advise you budget an extra2 weeks Please note that this duration is for one cycle

2_ Accommodation: You will need to know which type of accommodation is more suitable for you.If you are more than 2 persons traveling or  wish to have a kitchen where you can buy your grocery and cook,then a rented apartment.If you will be eating outside then a hotel room will be ok for you.Make sure you make a budget for your accommodation because hotel bills climb up very easily

3) Location: Which part of Nigeria you will be visiting is very important.You need to know how close your embassy and clinic is to where you will be staying to make your movement

4) Legal: Before embarking on a surrogacy program outside your country, make sure you find out if your country accepts children born through ivf/surrogacy by their citizens.You
should also find out how long it will take to file the  necessary documents for full custody of your child and what documentations your embassy will require.

5) Safety: Your safety is very important.The southern part of Nigeria for example Lagos is very safe to stay ,live and work.

6) Transportation: Transportation in major cities in Nigeria is easy.You can use uber or bolt.Kindly desist from using public  transport.

For more information.You can call or whatsapp +2347067866986


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